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Make the Pancake, moroccan style.

A moroccan recipe I recently chose to upload for Banat Zayed, called “Beghrir” these moroccan pancakes are delicious & really easy to make. Whats unique about them is the use of Semolina instead of regular flour as well the “No flip” method, so yes, no need for flipping!



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I want



I discovered this place while I was scrolling Gala Darlings lovely blog and stumbled upon this article, Located in NYC, this bakery is just so dreamy, their baked goods look SO Tempting, & guess what! This month they have a “Hot Chocolate Festival” where EVERYDAY they have a different flavor of Hot Chocolate!


 I’ve also heard it just might be the best place to have luscious hot chocolate.

Just look at the list of flavors they are offering!!!!!! *Faints into melted chocolate wonderlust*


Cafe Image via  Gala Darling 



Video sugariness!


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Since I have now opened a youtube channel dedicated to food cookery here I share with you the latest one uploaded! Untitled : “How to make Blondies”

The recipe is easy to follow and I’d loveee it if you try to make them!

These Videos are also made exclusively for & hopefully more new & fresh creations are on their way to you all.

To watch the Video, simply press this lovely link below :



Lgeimat recipe وصفة اللقيمات

اللقيمات نوع من الحلو المشهور في الخليح، يشرح هذا الفيديو الخطوات التي تكمن في صنع هذه الحلوه التي يتم أكلها بالذات في شهر رمضان الفضيل. 

لدي لكم اليوم الوصفة الكاملة لحلو اللفيمات! طريقة العمل سهلة و ما يبالها شي. تابعوا :


-٢ كوب طحين

-١/٢ كوب نيدو

-٢ ملاعق خميرة فورية

-١ ملعقة صغيرة بيكنغ بودر

-١/٤ ملعقة صغيرة هيل

-١ ملعقة صغيرة سكر

-١ ملعقة زيت

-١ كوب ماء

-١ بيض

في صحن عميق نضع المكونات الجافة و نخلطها ثم نضيف الزيت، البيض، و الماء و نخلط جيدا حتى يتجانس الخليط و نغطيه و نتركه يتخمر لمدة ساعة ثم نقلي اللقيمات في الزيت و نقدمهم مع دبس التمر.


An informative video about what goes into the making of the traditional khaleeji sweet dish “Lgeimat” pronounced “Lee-gai-maat”. It is basically a fried dough drizzled in Date molasses & is specifically eaten popularly in the Holy Month of Ramadan.


-2 cups flour

-1/2 cup milk powder (Nido)

-2 tablespoons instant yeast

-1 teaspoon baking powder

-1/4 teaspoon cardamo

-1 teaspoon sugar

-1 tablespoon oil

-1 cup water

-1 egg

to make simply mix all the dry ingredients together and follow with the wet ones, mix vigorously to incorporate the ingredients together and cover and allow to rest for an hour, then drop pieces of the dough in a fryer and drizzle with date molasses when done.

Enjoy Bel Afya 



أعزائي المتابعين، تذكرون المفاجأة الي قلتلكم عنها؟ هذي هيه! يمكن الأن متابعة أخر وصفاتي على موقع بنات زايد الذي سأقوم بنشر وصفاتي و متعلقاتها على المدونة! ❤🍴 وصفة “البانا كوتا مع حلوى الفستق و الهيل” موجودة الأن على 
Dear followers, remember the surprise I was telling you about? Well, here it is! I now write for Banatzayed! So stay updated with my recipes on ! ❤🍴

أعزائي المتابعين، تذكرون المفاجأة الي قلتلكم عنها؟ هذي هيه! يمكن الأن متابعة أخر وصفاتي على موقع بنات زايد الذي سأقوم بنشر وصفاتي و متعلقاتها على المدونة! ❤🍴 وصفة “البانا كوتا مع حلوى الفستق و الهيل” موجودة الأن على
Dear followers, remember the surprise I was telling you about? Well, here it is! I now write for Banatzayed! So stay updated with my recipes on ! ❤🍴



Afternoon Chocolate Cakes

They look like brownies, but they’re not.  

These chocolate afternoon cakes are a mixture of cake essence & brownie essence, the texture is slightly heavier than cakes, but not too heavy & fudge like a gooey brownie where one piece makes you run for that glass of milk! (not that its a bad thing of course)

They’re just in the middle.


-200g butter

-1 3/4 cup sugar

-4 eggs

-1 teaspoon vanilla powder or essence

-1 cup flour

-3 tablespoons cocoa powder

-1 teaspoon baking soda

-170 g mixture of dark & milk chocolate, melted


Beat the butter & sugar until fluffy, add the eggs and allow to combine, add the vanilla and mix more. Mix the dry ingredients and add alongside the milk. Follow with the chocolate & then place in a rectangular pan in a preheated oven of 175C for about 40 minutes. 

Remove, slice, and drizzle with a handful of white chocolate that has liquified & melted.




How to make Vanilla Bean Chai Karak كيفية صنع شاي الكرك بالفانيليا

First, let me say that I now have a youtube channel! Dedicated to all things cooking! I really hope you guys like it, if you’d like to see anything in particular, share your ideas, I will try my best! 

For now, the Video here is about “Vanilla Bean Chai Karak” which tastes more like vanilla ice cream filled chai! So good, I like it relatively more than normal Karak at the moment! 

Great for breakfast + tea time, yum!

باركولي! فتحت قناة مخصصة لطبخ على يوتوب، فيديو بسيط أتمنى ينال إعجابكم :)  

Here we go:

"How to make Chai Karak with Vanilla is a modern approach to the typical take of Chai Karak." : 

To make:

- 3 cups water

-1 Finjan of Sugar (about 1/4 cup)

-2 tablespoons Chai Karak tea mix

-1 1/2 cans Rainbow Milk

—1 Vanilla Bean

Boil the water + Tea + Sugar for 15 minutes, then add the Rainbow Milk. Scrape the vanilla beans and place them aside. Placing the empty vanilla bean in the milk mixture for a couple of minutes. Sieve the tea into another pan and add the vanilla beans, whisk to incorporate then pour in a serving kettle & enjoy! 

كيفية صنع شاي الكرك بالفانيليا :

-٣ أكواب ماء

-فنجان سكر

-ملعقتين شاي كرك

-١ عود فانيليا

-١ ١/٢ عبوة حليب أبو القوس

إغلي الماء + السكر + و الشاي على النار العالية لمدة ١٥ دقيقة، ثم أضيفوا الحليب أبو القوس. أخرج حبات الفانيليا و ضعها على برد، و ضع نبتة الفانيليا الخالية في الشاي و دعه يغلي لمدة ٥-١٠ دقائق. إشخل الشاي في إناء أخر و أضيفوا حبات الفانيلا وإخلطوا جيدا، ضعوا الشاي في دلة التقديم و قدموا.



Kitchen / Work space / Hangout Premise

Our kitchen used to look respectfully decent, you know the typical wood colored cupboard, with dark marble on top, & dark tiles, dark dark dark. It wasn’t really that bad, but slowly & slowly, the tiles we had chosen began to make a problem! Where they would collect waste & etc, and ultimately, they needed to get the heck out of this kitchen! Seeing it as a golden opportunity, we decided to renovate the Kitchen! The Family immediately allowed me to set my ideas out, since they know I spend my time in the Kitchen more than I sit in my Room! I decided to take a modern yet fun approach, with the help of my mother of course.

Here is a wide view of the Dining Area


The color palette we went with was a 75% White dominance with the 25% left going to Neon Colors. Most the furniture in the photo use to be dark brown, we DIY’ed it by changing the colors to White, Green, & even turquoise! Even the marble which can be seen in the middle was changed from the dark color it used to be to a off white one. 


These chairs used to be dark brown, huge jump? I know! 


The pink cupboards used to be white, again we changed them to a light pink color and the white cupboards were changed to white.



The color white really made the Kitchen a more bright place, which is something we are always looking for. (Sunshine = love) 


Little small details that make the Kitchen a quirky place. 






& here we are! Tell me what you think of the change, I’d love to hear your thoughts or any questions you have.

Twitter @Shaikhamq